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June 09, 2020 2 min read



Dear Customers,

We apologize for the delay with the [ME#29] Joker Shipment. We wanted to ship them out on schedule but due to many reasons, we couldn't do so. However, we have found solution for our shipping now. Please read more about our June news.

1. Joker Delivery Delay- One Click Reprint: During packing, we have found a problem with the One Click Box and we have decided to reprint the entire batch of boxes again to ensure the quality of the box. For the box orders, we expect it to be reprinted in 3 weeks and ship them on 29th of June. Again, we apologize for the delay.

- Single slip shipment: DHL offers a shipping to regions that were suspended or blocked by Post office and we are happy that all shipments (except for box) will begin this week. Due to finding the reliable shipment company was the reason why we couldn't ship our products and the late delivery from Manta Lab. We are happy to announce that all slip shipments will be shipped by this week. Again, we apologize for the delay with shipments and we will bear the higher cost of using DHL for our shipments for this release.

2. Once Upon... Steelbook Delivery- More regions opening with Post Office: From June, more regions are opening with Airmails and we believe shipments will not be a problem. Also, we have DHL agent to ship our goods now so it won't be a problem with shipping.

- Production Schedule: Everything is on time and we expect things to start shipping out before the release date.

3. Birds of Prey Pre-order- Pre-order Schedule: We expect to have a pre-order in the first week of July but we want to finalize shipping for Joker first before confirming the date.

- Shipping issues: Again, DHL and Post Office will be ready by July to cover all regions. We may need to recalculate the shipping cost again to adjust our current shipping cost but we expect the cost to be not too different from using Post Office. However, there's extra fee involved with current shipping situation so recalculation of shipping fee may be needed from our side.

4. 2020 Schedule- Many great releases: You may refer to the other image for the releases that are under designing with Manta Lab. Some may be able to release and some may not due to approval and design issues.

Thank you very much



Sura Eun
Sura Eun

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