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7月 08, 2020 1 min read


[July News]

1. Once Upon a Time.. Steelbook
- Release will start shipping from July 17th due to the delay with Joker Release shipping.
- Increase packing staff to process the orders much faster than Joker Release
- Shipping service situation is much better than June. There shouldn't be any problem except for few regions.

2. Birds of Prey Steelbook Pre-order
- Pre-order date: July 24th, 2020
- Shipping price will be adjusted according to the increase and decrease of shipping services.
- Steelbook photo will be updated soon.

3. Dunkirk Steelbook Pre-order
- Pre-order will be in August
- More images and information will be ready soon

4. Matrix Steelbook Schedule
- Pre-order expected to be in September
- Design is in progress.

*Joker Shipping*
We have finished about 98% of all shipping except for 3-4 regions. We will contact our customers directly to solve the problem together.

Thank you.

Sura Eun
Sura Eun

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